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Sharp History in Singapore

Sharp Electronics (Singapore) Private Limited ("SESL") was incorporated on 21 May 1987 and is wholly owned by Sharp Corporation of Japan. Our company offers turn-key sales and marketing services of electronic components with consistent excellent quality and services at competitive prices.

Being a dynamic and progressive company, we have already established a good track record with all our clients, which include prestigious multi-national companies.

Sharp has been a vanguard for the new era by meeting diversified needs of society with many unique electronic components such as Opto-Device, Thin film transitor Liquid Crystal Display panels (TFT-LCD), LEDs, RF Component, Solar Panels and others. Today, we are witnessing drastic changes growing both in people's life styles and companies business needs. The changes are represented by such key words as "Personalization with intelligent functions" and "Systemisation with Communication/Network capability."

As a result, smart Man-Machine Interface capability has become one of the key elements for successful acceptance of equipment by contemporary society.

Sharp is committed to the development of State-of-the-Art components, which are integral parts of new equipment designed to satisfy the ever-changing demands from the world.