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With the background of globalization in economy and business, environmental issues corporate scandals occuring one after another, Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR) is becoming a more and more important concern around the world, and keener-attention is being paid in society to the behaviour of a corporation and its officers/employees.

Taking into account this change in society, Sharp has revised The Sharp Charter of Conduct into "The Sharp Group Charter of Corporate Behaviour (hereinafter called "the Charter")" and "The Sharp Code of Conduct (hereinafter called "the Code")" in which the contents of recent CSR viewpoints considered globally workable are reflected.

Sharp Electronics (S) Pte Ltd, being part of the Sharp Group companies would also adopt and put them into practice within the subsidiary, as the principles and standards to guide corporate behaviour and officers'/employees' conduct in the subsidiary's business activities and operations.

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Sharp Group Charter of Corporate Behaviour and Code of Conduct